Ecological pioneer Ecover

9th of March 2012
Ecological pioneer Ecover

For over 30 years Ecover has been developing and producing ecological washing and cleaning products from plant-based ingredients and minerals. It says a respectful interaction with the environment is an essential part of its philosophy.

The latest product in the Professional range is Techno Spray, a formula containing eco surfactants. Surfactants are generally produced through a chemical process and from petrochemical sources. Eco surfactants however, are plant based and produced in a biological process.

In addition, the Techno Spray bottle is made from 100 per cent 'green plastic', whereby the manufacturing processes use ethanol derived from sugarcane to produce ethylene, which is then converted into polyethylene. This sugarcane-based polyethylene has the potential to be at least 75 per cent more greenhouse gas efficient than oil-based plastics, Ecover says.

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