Optimum ProWipers designed for industry

14th of March 2013
Optimum ProWipers designed for industry

Optimum ProWipers from Optimum Professional are designed for industrial workplaces, and there are seven in the range.

The ProWipers BestWipe is a high quality versatile wipe with a soft cotton feel and low linting. For areas where colour coding is vital there is the SmartWipe, which comes in four colours, holds up to five times its own weight in water and is made from recycled cotton.

Designed for polishing thanks to its low lint properties is RightWipe, a non abrasive soft wipe that is apertured for fast clean-up. EcoWipe is made from regenerated cotton and is 100 per cent biodegradable, while SorbairWipe is a economical all-round general wipe.

The ResourceWipe is available in smooth and creped variations and is silicone and formaldehyde free. Finally Optimum ClassicWipe is a highly absorbent wipe that holds seven times its weight inwater and is resistant to most solvents.



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