Lasting foam

18th of May 2011

Gloria specialises in chemical spraying systems and its latest FoamMaster product range has been designed to produce lasting foam which is as stiff as possible. This means the cleaning agent has a longer contact time on the surface, ensuring greater cleaning efficiency.

To operate, cleaning agent is poured into the stable plastic tank, pressure is built up and the manual valve activated. A suction device inside the pressure tank mixes the cleaning agent to oxygen with
the required ratio, and the result is cleaning foam. The degree of foaming can be adjusted by the operator according to the application.

The FoamMaster 10 has a one-litre capacity with maximum operating pressure of three bar - its empty weight is just over 500 g, making it light and easy to handle. The FoamMaster 50 has a capacity of five litres, also with three bar maximum working pressure, and can be carried on the shoulders using the strap.

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