Going global

17th of March 2011
Going global

Hand hygiene specialist Deb is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year with the launch of its Global Range. Developed with both chemistry and dispensing technology in mind, this new line has been designed to meet the skin safety needs and cultural diversity of both local and international markets.

The dispensing systems feature BioCote, a silver-based antimicrobial agent incorporated into components at the time of manufacture that inhibits growth of bacteria and moulds.

And all bio-based hand cleansers within the Global Range incorporate Debasol, a patented blend of sunflower oil, natural scrubbing agents and non-ionic surfactants for optimum skin cleansing without the use of harsh ingredients.

Deb says the systems have been designed to incorporate a combination of language neutral iconography, strong visual colours and clear, unambiguous wording across all products, dispensers and education materials.

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