Deb OxyBAC antibacterial hand wash

31st of October 2012
Deb OxyBAC antibacterial hand wash

Occupational skin care specialist Deb Group has launched what it claims to be the safest and most effective antibacterial hand wash for use in any food handling, general workplace, public facility or social care environment where higher standards of hand hygiene are required.

OxyBAC combines Deb Foam Technology with Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) to create a patented non-ionic surfactant based rich-cream foam that addresses the concerns of all existing biocidal actives - Deb says.

There are various concerns over all current biocidal agents used in hand wash products, with regard to their environmental and human toxicity. They are known irritants and sensitisers, and frequent use can lead to skin irritation, allergic reactions and sub-optimal hand hygiene compliance.

There is also widespread concern over anti-microbial resistance, where the mode of activity, residual toxicity and wide use of some biocidal agents has led to concerns of micro-organisms building-up resistance against them.

The active power of OxyBAC is hydrogen peroxide which, unlike all other biocidal actives, simply breaks down into water and oxygen after use with no environmental or human toxicological impact.

And when AHP comes into contact with germs it releases free radicals which act non specifically on multiple cell targets to kill germs in a way that prevents antibacterial resistance.


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