A solution to supermarket trolley germs

4th of October 2012
A solution to supermarket trolley germs

A transparent film claimed to eliminate the problem of potentially harmful bacteria growing on supermarket trolley handles has just been launched on the market.

VanCom AntiBac clear film uses silver-ion technology to disrupt the cell walls and DNA in bacteria to prevent them from growing and multiplying.

In a recent study conducted by the company, swabs were taken from 120 supermarket trolley handles from the UK's five largest food retailers. Staph aureus was present on every handle and faecal and urine traces were found on nearly 50 per cent of those tested. Campylobacter, E.coli and listeria were also found on many handles.

Exposure to these germs are said to be unlikely to result in severe illness for most shoppers, but can lead to fatigue and symptoms similar to that of a mild allergic reaction. In interviews with 1,840 customers, 96 per cent had no health complaints before shopping while 87 per cent said they felt low and fatigued afterwards.

"The proof that bacteria exists on shopping trolley handles is conclusive," claims VanCom AntiBac managing director Mark Doherty. "There is a very real issue of health and well-being among shoppers which will be at the top of the supermarkets' agendas."

The film is designed to keep surfaces sterile for up to five years before being replaced. Since it is can be printed upon it can also be used as advertising space, says Doherty.



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