Robust Kärcher sweepers

28th of November 2011
Robust Kärcher sweepers

The KM 130/300 R and KM 150/500 R vacuum sweepers have been developed by Kärcher for use in the building materials and metal processing industries, foundries and other applications that generate a large volume of dirt.

The sweepers can run on diesel, liquefied petroleum gas or batteries - both models have a robust steel chassis and hydraulic transmission. The main roller brush mounting is infinitely variable to enable optimum cleaning performance while minimising wear and tear.

Basic operating functions (drive, sweep, sweep with side-brush) are selected on a single rotary switch - the EASY operation concept.

The basic KM 130/300 R has a sweeping width of 1,300 mm with one side brush and up to 1,550 mm with two, while the corresponding figures for the KM 150/500 R are 1,500 mm and 1,800 mm.

The KM 150/500 R comes with an optional third side brush that is attached on the right-hand side to an arm that swivels in all directions for sweeping in lateral spaces and on top of steps and ledges. An optional water spraying system prevents dust from swirling up around the side brushes. Fine-dust covers can be fitted if no moisture is required.

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