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1st of July 2011

A product overview of the window cleaning industry.

Safe at height

For safe window cleaning at heights, Reach and Wash can clean up to 24 metres high. Developed by Ionic Systems, it uses a soft-bristled brush mounted on a long-reaching pole to scrub the dirt off the window, while at the same time jets of ultra pure water rinse the glass.

Ionic says that because the water is so pure, it can be left to dry naturally without leaving any marks or smears. The system is mounted into a vehicle, which allows crews to access a supply of pure water to clean windows anywhere.

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Modular or telescopic 

There are three types of telescopic pole in the Xtel series from Exel, which now comes in up to 10 sections.

Gxtel in glass fibre is designed for use up to 9.4 metres; Hxtel, a hybrid of glass and carbon fibre, will operate up to 12 metres; and for heights up to 22 metres there is the full carbon fibre Cxtel. All poles use Red Dot Award locking clamps, which for improved locking strength can be supplied with heavy duty collars.

Recognising frequent operation of the telescopic system can result in deterioration of the pole surface Exel introduced the Ntech series, which it says offers improved wear resistance while increasing strength.

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Washing hot

Aquafactors has designed its water heating system for use with waterfed poles in conjunction with specialist manufacturer Krueger. The Hot Wash has a continuous flow rate of over 13 litres a minute to temperatures of 65°C. This gives enough output for two poles running at the same time.

The complete package can be supplied (and fitted) as part of an Aquafactors water fed pole system, or retro fitted.

The system draws fuel from the vehicle's diesel tank and water is produced at a consistent temperature even if the supply is interrupted or briefly turned off at the pole. Fuel costs are 40 per cent lower than some heat exchanger systems, Aquafactors says, and trials have shown an average consumption of 0.65 litres an hour.

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More functions

The latest product from Ettore is the Contour Pro+ handle, which has been designed with ease of use, ergonomics and multi functionality in mind.

The squeegee handle, which fits all Ettore extension poles, features a patented suspension system which ensures consistent pressure and eliminates streaks. The improved quick release allows for easy channel adjustment or removal while the low profile design prevents accidental channel release.

Ettore has incorporated a Super system in the handle which can be used to clean irregular shaped glass, as it adjusts to different angles without lifting it off.

The ergonomic handle means less operator fatigue, claims the company, while the moulded grip ensures good grip even when wet.

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Customised systems

Baudoin Wash-Systems builds complete Aqua Force Pure Water Filter Units and Carbo Clean Pole Wash Systems into trailers, commercial vehicles, tower wagons, electro wagons (City Washer), boats, marinas and onto large buildings for the cleaning of glass and other smooth surfaces. All systems are customised to user needs.

A number of light carbon wash poles have also been designed. As well as the Carbo Clean Pole and the Carbo Clean Pole Limited Lite, there is now the Carbo Clean Pole Trend Line pole. Also new is the Indoor Clean Pole.

A leasing option is now on offer to Baudoin customers, where a Carbo Clean Pole Wash-System comes complete with a commercial vehicle.

Tel: +31 416 695 095. Email:

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