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25th of November 2010

ECJ  takes a look at the latest in sweeper technology as part of our special report.

Value for money

The KM 90/60 R is Kärcher’s most compact ride-on vacuum sweeper, said to be a suitable alternative to a walk-behind model wherever a larger capacity dirt container and longer running times are required.

The machine, which comes in petrol motor and battery versions, can clean up to 7,200 square metres per hour and is said to be highly manoeuvrable - making it suitable for cleaning in car parks, filling stations and manufacturing industries. Operation is almost dust-free and the filter is shaken out automatically each time the machine is switched off to ensure consistently good suction performance. If the machine is run for lengthy intervals, the electric filter-cleaning system can be activated by a button.

Steering is smooth and the operator can adjust the seat, behind which is space to store work tools or cleaning equipment. Standard sweeping width in both versions is 900 mm, and there is the option to add a second side brush which increases width to 1,150 mm. The bulk waste flap is opened via a pedal to accommodate bulky objects. No tools are required to change the roller brush or filter.

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Cost effective

The CN101 sub compact is the latest addition to Johnston Sweepers' range of street cleansing vehicles. Entering the product range as a new lightweight sub compact class, the one cubic metre model is claimed to be manoeuvrable and versatile. This makes it suitable for sweeping in areas where space is confined.

Features include high sweeping performance and low ownership costs - the simplicity of the design allows 500 hour service intervals, representing typically 50 per cent fewer services over the life of the sweeper.

The CN101 is also designed to operate at low engine rpm, significantly reducing fuel consumption, with the added benefits of less noise, lower emissions and less wear and tear. Other environmental credentials include water recycling system and PM10 dust emissions certification.

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Recent ranges

The SR1601 and SR1900 from Nilfisk-Advance are the latest additions to the industrial sweeper range, both boasting better dust control, reliability and increased productivity.

The DustGuard feature uses misting nozzles that spray a fine fog of moisture to the front and side brushes, controlling airborne dust.

In terms of operator comfort, the Clear-View facility allows him to see the edge and the front of the right hand side broom, while operation is said to be simple. No tools are needed to change brooms and filters.

Nilfisk-Advance also offers a line of commercial sweepers, one of the most recently developed being the SM 800. This is a walk-behind manual machine which offers a quick solution for warehouses, small factories, shops, malls and offices.

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All-electric sweeper

The Green Machines 500ze is an all-electric vacuum street sweeper developed by Tennant. With its Lithium-ion powered battery pack, this machine heralds a significant step in the drive for reduced carbon emissions, the company claims. Its clean air and near silent operation is suitable for enclosed or crowded pedestrian areas.

The 500ze boasts zero emissions - saving the equivalent of 40 cars' carbon output every year - and is designed to be almost invisible to pedestrians. It is virtually silent in transit, says Tennant, so it can be used to clean at any time and near sound-sensitive environments. Power is supplied by Lithium-ion batteries, with integrated Battery Management System to optimise cell performance. This energy supply is said to be as reliable as conventional fuel and recharging the batteries provides eight-hour operation.

The Cloudmaker misting system provides improved dust control while minimising water consumption - Tennant claims the 500ze uses 70 per cent less water than other traditional dust control techniques.

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Modern look

According to ISAL, its PB 111 sweeper offers a modern look and comfort for the operator, despite its small dimensions. Sweeping width is 1200 mm, with two side brushes included, and performance is up to 8,000 square metres per hour.

Battery and petrol versions are available and the sweeper can be equipped with a vacuum cleaner on board.

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