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16th of March 2011

An overview of the latest product launches in scrubber dryers.

Robust and reliable

RCM says all its new scrubber dryers must be robust and reliable and these qualities are the cornerstones of the new walk-behind scrubber dryer Mega I. Boasting low noise level, a folding dashboard and a basket to hold debris, Mega I also features Acquasaver Detersaver for optimal management of cleaning solution.

Cleaning solution tank is 60 litres and recovered solution 67 litres. Two models are available - the Mega I with manual lifting brushes and MEGA I S with power assisted lifting brushes and adjustable pressure. There are seven versions with various brush configurations.
Tel: +39 059 515 311.

Small surfaces

Designed for use in small areas where mops and buckets are still traditionally used, the Kärcher BR 30/4 C Bp scrubber dryer claims to perform manual tasks faster, more effectively and more hygienically. It requires no mains connection so can be used while premises are open.

As the machine sprays water, scrubs and recovers cleaning solution in a single pass, the floor is dry immediately. In terms of appearance, it resembles an upright vacuum cleaner and Kärcher says it is just as simple to handle. Because it weighs just over 14 kg it can be carried up or down stairs and the tanks can be removed separately for refilling or emptying.

The BR 30/4 C Bp comes with two high-grade lithium ion batteries - each runs for around 10 minutes and can be quickly recharged (the charger comes
as standard).

Tel: +49 7195 14 0.

Micro model

Ergonomic design, simple operation and compact body are key features of the Wrangler 1503 AB micro scrubber dryer, says NSS. Designed for applications smaller than 930 square metres, it is suitable for washrooms, small stores, etc, or larger facilities with confined areas - checkout aisles and commercial kitchens for example.

Solution tank is 14 litres and recovery tank 16 litres, with an onboard charger coming as standard on the battery model. The adjustable ergonomic handle ensures control and reduced operator fatigue while the convenient drain hoses make tank clean-up quick.

Tel: +44 115 939 1568.

Large areas

With a working width of up to 118 cm and a maximum area performance of up to 7,600 square metres per hour the Hakomatic B 1050 is Hako's new large area scrubber dryer for use in shopping centres, multi-storey car parks or in logistics and industrial areas.

There are two versions for intensive floor cleaning - with plate brushes or a cylindrical brush unit. Two plate brushes offer effective cleaning thanks to the direct drive via two electro motors protected against water spray. Thanks to movable suspension and wide coverage the brushes can be adapted to uneven floors. 

The cylindrical brush unit is well suited to particularly rough or structured floors. Not only does it scrub the floor over a working width of 96 cm particularly intensively, it also offers an integrated sweeping function (the dirt is collected in a separate hopper).

Tel: +49 4531 8060.

New generation

According to Cleanfix its new RA 505 IBC scrubber dryer with integrated battery charger is highly user friendly. It is designed for use on hard floors found in supermarkets, hospitals and sports complexes.

Traction is provided via brush rotation, ie, the machine pulls itself forward. Simple operation is guaranteed - for example, a brush can be replaced in seconds. The RA 505 IBC also has quiet operation, with a close turning radius and easy-to-handle suction nozzle.

Tel: +41 71 955 47 47.

Affordable quality

Fimap says its new machines are designed to be cost effective with maximum quality, under its Affordable Cleaning philosophy. The MMg scrubber dryer, it claims, represents a sustainable, reliable and affordable method of cleaning.

Developed for areas up to 3,500 square metres, this ride-on model boasts savings in water, detergent, time and energy thanks to various
new technologies. The i-Drive device makes for user friendly operation and reduced operator training, while Fimap Noise Cancelling (FNC) enables cleaning in noise-sensitive environments.

Because it has the same dimensions and manoeuvrability as a walk-behind model, the MMg  can clean in narrow spaces and along walls.

Tel: +39 045 6060411.

Nooks and crannies

For cleaning in hard-to-reach places the new SC350 walk-behind scrubber dryer from Nilfisk is a battery operated machine with a rotating deck system, which integrates the squeegee into the deck itself.

Thanks to this concept, Nilfisk says, SC350 is the only small scrubber dryer in the market able to scrub and dry both forwards or backwards. In fact the rotating deck with the integrated squeegee makes it possible to scrub in all directions. 

The low noise level makes this model suitable for daytime cleaning or noise-sensitive environments. There is an onboard battery charger and all components are immediately accessible without tools. 

Tel: +45 4323 8100.

Two widths

Columbus' new RA 43/55 BM 40 automatic scrubber with traction motor comes in working widths of 43 and 55 cm. With solution and recovery tanks of 40 litres each, this model is said to be quiet, manoeuvrable and easy to handle in small and medium-sized areas.

All service-related equipment components are easily accessible - enabling quick and tool-free changeover or cleaning. The electrical forward drive is activated by a rotary handle integrated in the drive bar, enabling speeds of up 4.5 km per hour.

A chemical dosage system is available as an optional extra - this, says the company, can reduce consumption of water and chemicals.

Tel: +49 711 9544 950.

For daytime use

The Orbis Battery Scrubber is suitable for small or medium-sized areas, is powered by two rechargeable 24V gel batteries and has no trailing lead. This, coupled with quiet operation, makes the Truvox International machine suitable for daytime cleaning.

Supplied with two 28 A/h batteries, typical battery run time for the Orbis is one hour and 20 minutes. There is a battery condition indicator on the control panel, and the battery can be quickly changed, so cleaners who purchase additional batteries can work continuously with a brief break of about five minutes for a change of battery. 

Cleaning capacity is up to 1,100 square metres per hour, while the compactness of the machine makes it easy to lift.

Tel: +44 23 8070 2200.


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