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13th of September 2011

A round-up of what's latest technology in the world of mopping.

Free of buckets

Ramon Hygiene has extended its range of 'bucketless' mopping systems with the Bio Cleaning Tool - a self-contained colour coded mopping solution.

This is available in two formats, for use with Velcro or pocket microfibre mop heads. The Velcro version is designed for use in commercial premises while the pocketed Blik system is more suitable for professional healthcare.

Chemical and water are dispensed to the floor via a bottle mounted on the mop handle - the operator simply has to depress a button. Additional bottles can be stored on the cleaning trolley when large areas are being cleaned. Mop heads can be laundered up to 500 times, and they can be changed without the operator having to bend or touch them.

Tel: +44 116 276 1881. Email:

Removable wheels

The Action Pro trolley system from TTS features removable 80 mm wheels and a new double bucket designed to separate the rinsing water from the detergent solution.

The trolley is double-handled and comes equipped with two drain-plugs - one to the front and one to the rear - for emptying out liquids.

The product is said to be ergonomic since the bucket is higher than on traditional trolleys, which allows the operator to work while standing. The Action Pro is also claimed to be eco-friendly since it is made entirely from polypropylene and is robust, non-rusting and recyclable.

Tel: +39 049 9300710. Email:

Professional rubber blade

The ProS generation of floor squeegees from Reflex Systems is now available with a synthetic rubber blade ProS Q with two sharp edges. The new material, says Reflex, is more flexible than the previous EVA and guarantees better contact between squeegee and mopping cloth.

Cleaning efficiency is also said to be improved thanks to this new blade, thanks to better dirt pick-up.

When used without the microfibre mop, the ProS Q can be used for squeegeeing water off floors, tiles and windows.

Tel: +358 40 840 0136. Email:

Wrings out mops

Sprimsol has developed the automatic Fregomatic wringer, a compact machine that wrings out mops, cloths, towels and other cleaning tools at the touch of a button.

The Fregomatic, which works on a rechargeable battery, is said to offer a robust design and long lifespan and can be adapted to work in conjunction with most trolleys, buckets and mop holders. It is claimed to speed up cleaning tasks and avoid injuries and pain.

Tel: +34 956 41 77 54. Email:

No bacteria

According to Filmop, its new A-B Plus mopping system can slow down and even eliminate the growth of microorganisms and bacteria.

It is a combination of the company's TopDown system of pre-soaked pocket mops and silver ions in both the microfibre mop and the plastic of the trolleys. One mop per room is used, reducing the risk of cross-contamination while also using less chemical and water.

There are four different Alpha trolley options, whose antibacterial properties are guaranteed for up to five years. The system is completed by an anti-bacterial Uniko mop frame, anti-bacterial handle and anti-bacterial microfibre cloths.

Tel: +39 049 932 5066. Email:

Full colour

To meet colour coding requirements in many applications, Toolflex equipment holders for wall and rail mounting are now available in full colour. The hooks used on rails come in seven colours - red, blue, green, yellow, black white and orange.

Manufacturer Delex Teknik is also working on a new version of the Toolflex holder which it says will be easier to detach and clean - it will also be suitable for autoclaving. This new series will be launched at ISSA/INTERCLEAN in Amsterdam next year.

Tel: +46 370 37 46 00. Email:

Daily mops

The new TASKI Standard range of ultra microfibre mops from Diversey comprises a set of mops for every daily cleaning application. They can be used dry or with water alone to reduce chemical consumption.

The Standard Dry Mop is designed for dust control on smooth hard floors; the Standard Damp Mop is for smooth, polished hard floors and the Standard HD Mop for smooth and textured hard floors. The Standard Wet Mop, a Kentucky-style mop with a lower percentage of microfibre, is suitable for heavily soiled areas and can be used with chemicals.

All mops are 40 cm wide and guaranteed for a minimum of 300 washes as long as they are laundered in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Tel: +31 302476911. Email:

Cleans mops

The Primaster Mop Cleaner has been developed by Primapalvelu to accompany its Click Magnetic Mops. Said to clean mops in a few seconds, the machine is suitable for all kinds of flat mop with different thicknesses. It can also be used with mops of different widths and for the treatment of damp mops.

In order to prevent dust from re-entering the work area the machine incorporates an outlet to connect it to a vacuum cleaner. The brush removes both large and extremely small particles and holds them in the waste bin.

The company has also launched Primaster Click, a magnetic attachment that enables hands-free mop change. The mop is positioned accurately every time with one simple click - claims Primapalvelu.

Tel: +358 10 421 9200. Email: 

Pockets and flaps

The new Klik Kombi mop frame from Splast can handle mops with either pockets or flaps. The foldable frame is equipped with changeable mop clip sets, features an easy-open 'klik' system and self-regulated locks.

Tel: +48 13 43 738 39. Email:

Abrasive microboard

Microboard is the new microfibre mop head developed by IPC Euromop, featuring a black abrasive insertion.

The Microboard microfibre is alternated with nylon filaments that provide a gentle abrasive action during cleaning. The high quality yarn is extremely thin, says Euromop, enabling it to penetrate even into small cracks in the floor for deep cleaning.

The Microboard mop head can be washed over 500 times and is also suitable for wet cleaning stubborn stains in conjunction with the Speed Clean holder. Available in 30 or 40 cm widths, it comes with pockets and flaps or flaps only.

Tel: +39 049 9325075. Email:

Smart squeegee

For a streak-free finish on freshly-mopped floors, Unger has launched the SmartFit squeegee range. The universal power socket enables every squeegee in the range to fit securely onto any standard handle from 20 mm to 29.5 mm diametre.

The range includes a two-in-one Sanitary Squeegee with Brush, as well as a selection of Standard, Heavy Duty and Sanitary WaterWand squeegees, each one supplied with four
different colour chips for colour coding.

Suitable for moving large volume of debris and water, the SmartFit range also features an open socket design that allows easy flush and rinse cleaning to prevent bacteria build-up.

Available as individual squeegees, or in a kit with a three-part handle.

Tel: +49 212 22070. Email: 


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