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15th of September 2011

An overview of the latest in air freshening technology.

New sensations

New from Vectair Systems this autumn are four new fragrances for its Xtreme Airoma air care range - African Pride, Florida Zest, Oriental Harmony and Latin Passion.

Each aerosol is said to contain an increased level of perfume oil for a longer lasting scent that also keeps malodours at bay. Typical applications include washrooms, offices, and hotels.

Refills are available in 100 ml and 270 ml and are used in the Airoma aerosol automatic air freshener dispenser.

Tel: +44 1256 319 500. Email:

Timer options

The Neo Breeze aerosol air freshener from Proandre works with two alkaline batteries and comes equipped with a timer that allows three different spray intervals - 7.5, 15 and 30 minutes. Each refill contains up to 3,000 sprays and there is also a light sensor. This unit is designed for areas between 25 and 60 square metres.

The company also offers the Even Plus air freshener, incorporating a fan. Perfume is distributed through a porous membrane - there is no spray. The intensity of fragrance can be adjusted through the fan's different functioning modes - it can be on all the time, on only when the lights are on, or off.

Tel: +34 93 860 03 41. Email:   

Steady fragrance

The Hygofresh 2008 digital programmable air freshener dispenser from Hygolet is a metered unit designed to provide a steady and long lasting flow of fragrance.

It can be set to operate on a selective day, week or weekend mode, and fragrance can be dispensed in minutes, hours or day intervals. Refills last up to 30 days when set to dispense every 15 minutes.

The unit operates on two batteries and a warning light indicates when they are low, or when refills need to be replaced. Constructed in white ABS plastic, it can be used with a variety of aerosol refill fragrances.

Tel: +41 44 933 56 56. Email:


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