buzil Corrider offers sensitive finish

1st of May 2012

A range of products for floor polishing are provided by buzil's Corridor system. For example, S 707 Corridor unic ultra eliminates contamination, as well as residues, from water-resistant flooring but it will not damage sensitive materials like linoleum.

For coating of many floor surfaces there is S 734 Corridor glorin, a glossy dispersion. Because it is resistant to disinfectants and has anti-slip properties it is particularly suitable for use in hospitals, ambulances, etc.

S 737 Corridor matt has a satin matt appearance for areas which do not need to be glossy. It has the same properties as S 734 Corridor glorin that make it suited to healthcare use.

And for stone floor care there is R 200 Roca dispers, with good filling properties, a waterproof shiny film and slip resistance.

Tel: +49 8331 930 6. Email: vertrieb@buzil.de 

Read the special ECJ report about floor polishing


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