UK consumers demand antibacterial food packaging

18th of November 2014
UK consumers demand antibacterial food packaging

More than half the people in Britain are worried about bacteria on the outside of food cans and the impact this can have on health, according to new research.

And their concern is likely to promote a huge demand for antibacterial packaging, claim experts.

A study carried out by market research company Canadean reveals that 55 per cent of Britons are either "concerned" or "very concerned" about germs on the outside of cans. They are more worried about bacterial contamination than other packaging issues including signs of dirt on packaging (42 per cent) and dented cans (46 per cent).

According to lead analyst at Canadean Michael Hughes: "Consumers are becoming more conscious about the distribution and storage of grocery products and the implications this has on the safety and quality of food.

"There is a clear demand for products that have antibacterial packaging to help reassure consumers. This will be particularly true with products that are purchased on-the-go and from retailers that consumers are unfamiliar with and where they are less confident about the safety and quality of products."

Antibacterial packaging that delays the development of germs and bacteria on cans is already on the market. The Canadean research showed that the older the respondent, the more concerned they are about bacteria on packaging with 63 per cent of people aged 55 and older expressing concern compared with only 49 per cent of 18-24 year-olds.

"Given that older consumers are most worried about the presence of bacteria, the demand for antibacterial packaging will only intensify as society continues to age," said Hughes.


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