New study shows benefits of modern wipes

11th of June 2015
New study shows benefits of modern wipes

A study by an independent research institute which included tests on the latest Tork wiping products from SCA has concluded there are a number of advantages for non-woven products compared with rags and rental cloths in manufacturing industries.
Benefits include less time required to achieve the same results, and less solvent needed.
Findings from the test results comparing rages with non-woven wipes include:

• Up to 41 per cent less solvents. The non-woven products required considerably less solvent to do the job compared with the solvent needed to clean with rags and rental cloths

• Up to 35 per cent less time. The performance of the non-woven products meant that cleaning and wiping tasks could be completed much more quickly than when using rags and rental cloths
• Up to 31 per cent less effort. The non-woven products were perceived to require substantially less effort to get the same job done

• Up to 80 per cent less waste and handling cost. Non-woven products weigh less and take up less space than rags, which makes them more effective to handle and transport

• Takes up less space when transporting and storing. Rags take up to 4.5 times more space than the non-woven products.

The testing was carried out in Sweden by Swerea Research Institute. The main focus was to evaluate products being used for wiping and cleaning within manufacturing industries – including rental cloths, rags and non-woven cloths. Two tests were carried out to replicate tough work situations and to grade performance between the products. 


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