Mangetsu Man cleans up Tokyo streets

24th of October 2014
Mangetsu Man cleans up Tokyo streets

A very special kind of superhero is on a one-man crusade to clean up the streets of the Japanese capital. Mangetsu Man - which translates as Mr Full Moon - is armed with a broom and dustpan and has been patrolling the streets of Tokyo since last year in his tireless search for rubbish.

But his mission is much more ambitious than picking up cigarette butts. Mangetsu Man hopes that by cleaning the streets he can also "clean up all the negativity in the world".

Like any self-respecting superhero, Mangetsu Man goes to great lengths to keep his true identity secret. He even uses a voice dictation app to conceal his voice.

Dressed in a yellow 'full moon' head, purple bodysuit, and what appear to be oversized grey UGG boots with matching gloves, he has attracted much attention. And his good deeds have inspired a small army of volunteers.



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