Jacket claimed to protect passengers from germs on public transport

22nd of October 2014
Jacket claimed to protect passengers from germs on public transport

A new germ-busting jacket is claimed to help keep commuters safe from infections and viruses when travelling on public transport.

The Germinator has been trimmed with a silver-infused antimicrobial fabric on the sleeve cuffs and collar shield to help protect the wearer from picking up infections and viruses from other passengers.

The jacket, developed by Gravitytank and made by Betabrand, has been launched following a year's research into how commuters become ill on public transport. "We studied germs, shadowed commuters and interviewed experts to find a way to make the everyday commute healthier," claims Gravitytank on its website.

The removable cuffs on the Germinator jacket are made from an antimicrobial fabric named X-Static. They are said to allow standing passengers to safely hold on to rails and polls without picking up germs.

"When someone sneezes into their hand and grabs a pole, the fold-out cuffs will provide a layer of protection so you never have to touch poles again," claims Gravitytank. The jacket also has an extra high collar also made from X-Static material that can be zipped up and used as a face mask in order to keep microscopic airborne attackers at bay.

Other refinements designed to increase wearer comfort and convenience include vented pockets to cool the passenger down without forcing them to remove their outer clothing; a bespoke sleeve pocket designed to keep transit passes safe, and a chest pocket to provide easy access to the wearer's smartphone.



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