'Generations' employee network launched by Sodexo

18th of November 2014
'Generations' employee network launched by Sodexo

Global services company Sodexo has launched an employee network to raise awareness of generational differences in the workplace. The Generations network is a group of multi-generational employees who are focusing on the diverse age range of the company's employees.

The United Nations categorises the working age population into four generations, each of whom has a different expectation and experience of the workplace: Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y. Sodexo says its new network aims to support employees in understanding the personal and professional development needs of these groups and how they are affected by each other.

Generations is one of six areas Sodexo is focusing on as part of its approach to diversity and inclusion. It becomes Sodexo’s second employee network after Women Work, started in 2008, which works to achieve gender balance in the business.



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