‘Fido’ cleans up dog mess in Scotland

23rd of November 2012
‘Fido’ cleans up dog mess in Scotland

An all-terrain vacuum cleaner designed for picking up dog mess has been cleaning the streets in the UK.

The Faeces Intake Disposal Operation - Fido for short -was recently put to work in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, where the council has been trying to eradicate the problem of dog fouling.

In an extreme measure earlier this year, operatives from West Dunbartonshire Council sprayed all dog faeces in the area with pink paint to highlight the problems it can cause to local residents. The council has now bought a team of Fido machines - at a cost of £22,000 each - in a bid to combat the problem.

Developed by UK firm Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment, Fido vehicles are based on a Kawasaki quad bike frame. Each vehicle is claimed to be capable of removing up to 240 litres of dog excrement which is collected as sludge in a hidden tank behind the cab. The machine is said to be able to mount kerbs without damaging wheel rims, pavements or grass.

The Fido collection unit contains its own engine which drives a powerful vacuum, and a disinfectant spray pump is fitted to aid the removal of stubborn faeces and to sanitise offending areas. The unit can also be used for collecting litter by changing the stainless steel slurry tank for a wheelie bin.

In August this year Fido machines were tested by Plymouth City Council following a rise in complaints about dog fouling. And another unit was recently purchased by Wicklow Town Council in Ireland.



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