Ever wondered about the world’s ‘germiest’ places?

11th of May 2011
Ever wondered about the world’s ‘germiest’ places?

In the cleaning industry we are well used to dealing with germs first-hand every day. But have you ever wondered what are the ‘germiest’ places in the world? Thanks to a list compiled by The Forensic Science Technician in the USA, we now know.

The forensic sciences teaching organisation has listed 50 places, some of which are everyday locations, while others are a little less common. The germiest everyday places include: portable toilets, kitchen sinks, door handles, underwear, purses and handbags, hotel linen and towels, keyboards, communal office equipment, mobile phones, aeroplane toilets, kitchen sponges, healthcare facilities, vacuum cleaner bags, beds, money, soap and public transport.

More unusual germy spots include The Blarney Stone, which is kissed by thousands of tourists every year; Baku in Azerbaijan; the Ganges river; Dhaka in Bangladesh; monkey cages; Oscar Wilde’s grave, another much-kissed object; Mexico City; water parks; Mumbai in India; murder/suicide scenes; and the human mouth.

Reading this list may make you want to confine yourself to a hypoallergenic, fully sanitised room but you can never actually escape bacteria and viruses. The human mouth alone actually contains more harmful microbes than dogs!


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