Cleaning Revolution - fact or fiction?

31st of May 2021
Cleaning Revolution - fact or fiction?

Lynn Webster in the UK explains why pre-pandemic cleaning regimes must now be questioned.

No one would have considered 12 months ago that we would experience the year we have all had. That we would only now be considering the return to a ‘new normal’ workplace. The options of phased returns; flexible working arrangements along with reopening of hospitality and retail experiences.

So is the cleaning industry ready and prepared for this next journey into the unknown?

Some businesses have managed to thrive throughout the pandemic; addressing some of the needs of those premises remaining open and trading, offering additional and specialist cleaning services to give confidence and reassurance to employees and the public alike. Unfortunately, not all have been so fortunate. Many servicing office buildings and non-food retail outlets have found business life far more challenging, Not only having to furlough teams of employees, make difficult decisions regarding staff redundancies but also finding their turnover and profits diminishing dramatically.

It is, therefore, time to consider if we are ready to return. Are we prepared for the change and are we all ready to change? It is a sad to see many fellow cleaning professionals are still showing a lethargy to adapt to and adopt new routines. Perhaps there is still a fear of the unknown or facing the financial struggle to invest. Sitting in the forever comfort zone of yesteryear will not provide growth.

Some cleaning companies buried their heads in the sand (or did they drown in hand sanitiser?!) and have not begun to face up to the future and how the new normal will work for them. Certainly, clients are already challenging their own positions; the public perception of clean will be in the forefront where there has never been such an opportunity for cleaning to be recognised as the profession it deserves to be.

Historically industrial revolution was a transition towards new manufacturing processes, moving from manual labour to mechanical machines; new chemical manufacturing, development of new tools and modernisation. The most significant economic event for humanity. We are heading towards the Cleaning Revolution.

We should therefore be looking to disrupt and question the normal regimes of before. Yes, there will be concern for companies who have not moved forward or have not challenged their status quo. They could well be left behind as we face the survival of the fittest.

Considering the changes we make may not always be classified as innovation but about the how and the when we deliver the future of cleaning. There are leading cleaning service providers who have fully embraced the concept of cobotics - applying technology in relevant areas and releasing operatives to focus on the requirements of more detailed cleaning routines. We will also have a serious review of sustainability encompassing probiotic and chemical-free cleaning; and the opportunities these will bring.

Will there still be those working only with socket mops and buckets? They will continue to defend their principles of opposition to change as that brigade disappears, waving the flag (duster) of defeat in inevitable surrender. The Cleaning Revolution, there is no doubt, is here to stay.


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