Carbon best

15th of October 2010

Hygiene systems and tissue producer SCA has received The New Economy Carbon Leadership Award 2010 for best carbon reporting in Sweden. The award was recently presented for the first time, by UK magazine The New Economy.

The awards recognised 39 global companies from 20 countries which have achieved excellence in carbon reduction and carbon reporting. “The winners are those who have gone far beyond their formal requirement for regulatory and voluntary frameworks. They are fully transparent in their disclosures and have shown best practice when interacting with investors and stakeholders," explained Nelson Black, project director.

Strict criteria

Each judged criteria was scored up to 100 points - SCA's overall score was 470 out of 600. The criteria were: regulatory risks/opportunities; climate change risks/opportunities; CO2 targets; GHG accounting methods; level of transparency and good governance; developing technologies or services with positive environmental impact.

Commenting on the award Patrik Isaksson, vice president of environmental affairs at SCA explained: "The resource management system (RMS) of SCA plays a crucial role in the company’s ability to make continuous reductions of its CO2 emissions."


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