Afidamp presents green awards

15th of September 2010

Italian cleaning association Afidamp presented its Clean Green awards at a ceremony in Milan recently. The programme recognises and rewards high standards in eco-design and environmental sustainability in professional cleaning products. Prizes were given in three categories – Machine, Equipment and Chemical.

The winner of the Machine category was IPC Gansow for its ECS Eco Cost Cleaning solution for scrubber dryers. The judges said: “The product’s eco-design pertains to multiple aspects and it introduces in the market a system of machines with diverse, versatile, cutting-edge solutions, all oriented to reduce the environmental impact in different ways (decrease of water consumption, energy resources, detergents and quantity of materials).”

In the Equipment section Activeion was awarded the prize for its Ionator EXP, a manual tool that ionises tap water through electrolysis so that it becomes a powerful detergent. According to the judges it was declared the winner “for the new product concept, which thanks to its water ionizing mechanism keeps it active on the surfaces, much like a detergent, allows a different and innovative approach to cleaning with a noticeable saving of resources (water, chemical detergents, plastic, etc) and reduces the polluting effect on the environment due to the elimination of transport”.

Environmental goals

Sutter Professional was the winner of the Chemical category with Ecocaps, a line of pre-measured water-soluble cleaning chemical capsules. Of this the jury commented: “It is clear that the will of the manufacturer is to pursue an environmental goal from the planning stage of the product which is achieved through the design of a user friendly application. By reducing the amount of packaging consumption, packaging and consequently transportation, it reduces the environmental impact in comparison to similar products.”

Falpi received a special mention for its Ecolabel moistened cloths for “demonstrating a constant commitment in designing low environmental impact solutions”.


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