Successful cleaning services meet in Italy

28th of November 2011
Successful cleaning services meet in Italy

Italian correspondent Anna Garbagna reports from a cleaning services meeting in Rome recently.

Last month FISE’s (the contract cleaning association) office in Rome hosted the seminar  'Cleaning and integrated services – the sector’s prospects in light of the new work contract CCNL and the new public contracts regulation'.

The seminar, initiated by SNS, the National School of Services – of which  FISE and Legacoop Servizi are members – and developed in cooperation with ANIP (National Association of Cleaning Industries and Integrated Services), was organised to discuss the new National Collective Work Contract and the prospects for the sector, starting from an analysis of the contract papers and the mutual notification presented to the Ministry of Employment.

The seminar also discussed the situation regarding recent legislative reforms on the matter of contracts and initiatives which are underway related to the  quality and scientific development of the sector.

The programme started with a report from Donatello Miccoli, who is responsible for industrial relations at ANIP, on the national collective work agreement of May this year, and the new procedures for negotiation. Following that was a presentation on second level negotiation and the mutual notification - presented to the Ministry of Employment by Gianfranco Piseri, in charge of the delegation Legacoop Servizi.

Lorenza Ponzone, manager of  Public Contracts Surveillance Authority, tackled the subject of reforms in public contracts  – encompassing public bid announcements, labour costs and an economically more profitable situation for the sector .

Then Gianni De Togni of SNS explained the technical specification for contracts in environmental sanification services in the health sector.

The seminar was also an opportunity to introduce the next Forum Pulire, planned for March 21-22 2012 in Milan. Toni D’Andrea, director general of Afidamp Servizi gave a preview.

The moderator of the whole meeting was Giuseppe Gherardelli, general secretary of ANIP.

The Rome event was fully booked: over 70 people took part in the seminar on the new national work agreement for the cleaning sector and multiservices sector.

The seminar was also the opportunity to launch the next National School of Services course on this topic which  will take place in Bologna next October. During this event there will be the opportunity to analyse the economic news and the new norms introduced by the renewal of the contract - to  go into more depth the aspects of the second contractual level and the bonuses for productivity by analysing different experiences and the behaviour of the social partners; to define contractual models of second level which meet real productivity objectives; and to analyse tax and contribution laws as incentives for productivity.


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