Investor friendly

21st of September 2012
Investor friendly

ECJ Poland reporter Marek Kowalski argues that the country has proved itself as one worth investing in.

When I was writing the last article for ECJ I was wondering if Poland would pass the test of hosting the biggest sports event in our country so far. Today I can honestly say that not only did we pass, we also earned extra appreciation from participating countries.

I do not mean the excellent sports stadiums, clean train stations or airports, perfect management but mainly all that makes those who visited Poland come back here again. After the Euro 2012 football tournament everybody seemed to love it. All the Euro 2012 participants unanimously agreed that Poles, due to their cosmopolitan attitude, were able to create an exceptional atmosphere for the foreign visitors to Poland.

European citizens

You may be wondering why I devote so much time to a sports event in an article for the cleaning industry. It is because that was the first time we, the Poles, were able to show Europe we are its fully-fledged citizens. I believe I do not have to convince anybody how  important it is for business to enjoy the friendly attitude of the country we invest our money in.

Having mentioned investing money, let me remind you we are one of the few EU countries whose GDP exceeds 3.4 per cent, while the unemployment rate ranges from 11 to 12 per cent. What is also important for our economy is the fact that we are directly dependent on the German economy, which in turn is predicted to be developing in a sustainable way for the future due to its huge contracts with China.

Summing up, I would like to turn investors’ attention to Poland. Why? Because if you still were not convinced by my earlier arguments, let me just remind you that multiple companies chose Poland as the place to do business here as well as set up their headquarters to do business with our eastern neighbours.

There is Ecolab in Kärcher and Hako in Kraków; Buzil in Wroc?aw; Diversey in Warsaw; Ehrle in Szczecin; Vermop in Sosnowiec-Katowice; Henry Kruse in Wroc?aw; Numatic and Nilfisk in Warsaw. Then there are the cleaning service companies such as ISS and Dussmann in Warsaw; Aspen in Kraków; Sodexo in Warsaw; Hectas in Wroc?aw, and many others.

As you can see Italian, French and  American companies are missing from the list.

Setting the standards

Today, the Polish Cleaning Industry Chamber has its representatives in the Trilateral Committee and National Consultancy Councils who take decisions on many matters vital for our industry. We are dynamically lobbying at both Polish and European Parliaments. We are making standards for such national institutions as hospitals, railway stations, etc, as well as influencing the laws on public tenders. Due to our certification system we do care about raising the standards of cleaning industry services.

All in all, the success of Euro 2012, the dynamic activities by the Polish Cleaning Industry Chamber and favourable development prospects for Poland make us an exceptionally attractive market in the European Union. Therefore let me encourage all those who are still undecided and hesitant about investing their money in Poland, one of the few European countries where you can easily find balance between business and friendship in the middle of good fun!


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