Forum Pulire Industry 4.0 focus

11th of November 2016
Forum Pulire Industry 4.0 focus

Italian correspondent Anna Garbagna reports from the recent meeting in Milan held by Afidamp.

Innovation, industry 4.0, new e-commerce technologies: these were the themes of the Forum Pulire meeting which took place in Milan in September, organised by  industry association Afidamp.

Cleaning as an Absolute Value has been the Forum’s theme since its origins in 2012, the year when the congress started its path of sector identity building, understanding its needs in order to identify future prospects. It is the only event in Italy which directly involves the entire service chain: producers, distribution, services companies and end users.

The 2016 edition also had a particularly relevant role because Afidamp celebrates its 35th anniversary this year.

“Afidamp represents the producers and suppliers of innovative solutions which improve the quality of life”, said Afidamp FED president Virna Re. “Therefore all our companies contribute to build a climate of wellbeing for everyone. To sum up, what we do has a huge social value, unfortunately it is often difficult to fully create this perception outside our world of services”.

Furthermore it is important to remember that this sector is the main creator of quality of life in a country and being one of the sectors with the greatest number of workers of foreign origin it represents a large lab for social integration.

With the opening speech of Roberto Maroni, president of Regione Lombardia, the congress delegates remembered the tragedy which recently hit central Italy with the help of the solidarity campaign Oliviero Toscani and Forum Pulire for the earthquake of Central Italy: two days of reflection on the topics of innovation, culture and entrepreneurship but also an opportunity to give concrete help to the populations badly affected by the earthquake.

Among the topics being discussed during the many meetings were: Integrated Services: New Rules for the Future focussed on the Contracts Code, Green Act, legality, contract law, social dumping, work, and the role and importance that the integrated service sector has in Italian economy. There was also a presentation on the survey carried out by ONBSI and Foundation for Subsidiarity on the theme Contract: Market and Rules and a speech by the economist Giulio Sapelli, entitled: What is the Future for Europe?

“Forum Pulire really represents an incredible opportunity to reflect on our identity and on the contribution we make on a daily basis within the whole countrywide system”, concluded Virna Re. “I am sure that concrete ideas and proposals which emerged from it will support the sector’s competitiveness and the cultural and social value that it embodies.

“Forum Pulire  looked to the future and represents a privileged place from which to source new intellectual and cultural tools to face the future successfully.”


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