Pan-European solutions offer consistency in facility services

11th of September 2017
Pan-European solutions offer consistency in facility services

European Customer Synergy (ECS) is a pan-European facilities management (FM) company, headquartered in Brussels. It delivers a range of facilities management services, varying from single services to integrated FM solutions. With more than 400 offices in 41 countries, the company generates an accumulated revenue of €3.6 billion.

Recently appointed as chief executive officer is Ad Wijnhoven, who joined from US-based security and logistics company Brink’s. Speaking exclusively to ECJ he explains: “Our shareholder network is the key advantage of ECS’ solution. Our organisation is comprised of, and owned by, specially selected pan-European partner companies with vast experience in the FM sector. The formation allows for the sharing of best practice across many leading, owner-managed, facilities management companies.”

In Wijnhoven’s view, clients are increasingly looking for pan-European solutions in order to have consistency of service, a single point of contact and leverage economies of scale. “Innovation, technology, brand protection and environmental considerations have become a driving force
in decision-making and a priority for clients due to the changing external environments,” he explains.

“Clients’ needs are developing faster in recent years, as they have to keep up with industry changes. FM solutions are also becoming increasingly personalised to represent where the organisation is in terms of incorporating technology or green credentials.

“The influx of new technology and the rate at which we are entering the ‘internet revolution’ means that we need to adapt and make better use of advancing technology such as robots, sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT).”

We already know integrated FM services can deliver cost savings, Wijnhoven points out, but the future of connected workplaces will enable organisations to reduce these costs even further. The IoT will enable benefits across the board from the smart management of cleaning personal to increased security.

“The possibility of robots and machines taking over certain tasks will undoubtedly result in changes to the FM workforce, however this won’t necessarily lead to a reduction in jobs. Instead, it will enable human resources to be deployed elsewhere in the business to focus on more critical tasks.”

Daily evolution

He continues: “And the arrival of Generation Z will force current workplace practices to evolve and adapt to their needs, sometimes on a daily basis. Factors might include better work-life balance, flexible and mobile working, which we are prepared for.

“The environment and sustainable practices have always been important but thanks to scientific developments we are now in an even stronger position to reduce our carbon footprint and implement more sustainable business practices. This is an area that our clients are becoming increasingly aware of in order to meet their own sustainable targets. Eco-friendly cleaning products are more available without having to compromise on cleaning quality and cost so this is something we are talking about with our clients if we know it is an important factor.”

According to Wijnhoven the advantages of using a company structured in the way ECS is brings a number of benefits for customers. “Clients receive harmonised management information reports and have a single point of contact. ECS shares best practice whilst delivering services through
local companies who understand all cultural, legal and legislative regulations.”

The company provides services across Europe plus Egypt, Russia and Turkey. There is one shareholder per country, with some shareholders covering more than one country.


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