DyeGONE from Chemspec boasts no more stains

14th of May 2014
DyeGONE from Chemspec boasts no more stains

Chemspec Europe says DyeGONE can remove even the most stubborn dye stains from carpets and upholstery - red wine, blackcurrant juice, tea, coffee, gravy and many more.

This is a two-part product, supplied with a trigger that accurately mixes just the right proportions of the two bottles together at the point of application. This means the solution is always fresh and full strength, and there is no wastage of any unused mixture and the container. Refill bottles are available for re-use of the trigger.

DyeGONE does not extract the dye from the textile but modifies it chemically, over time, making it colourless. Once the desired result has been achieved the process is stopped simply by rinsing with cold water. There is no residue and no further chemical action.


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