Malish launches Diamabrush

15th of May 2013
Malish launches Diamabrush

Brushes specialist the Malish Corporation has developed the Diamabrush diamond abrasive floor preparation system for  concrete floor polishing, mastic removal and hardwood preparation.

The system includes a prep tool and a series of six progressively finer diamond grit tools. The end result is a ‘retail’ finish, says Malish, with no expensive equipment or harsh chemicals needed.

All Diamabrush tools can be used on standard low pressure commercial cleaning machines, including single disks.

The Concrete Prep and Concrete Prep Plus Tools prepare the surface. From there the Concrete Polishing Tools are used to achieve a shine.

The Diamabrush system also includes an aggressive cleaning tool, a hardwood prep tool, and a mastic removal tool.

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