Brightwell launches Ecomix and Ecoshot dosing systems

17th of May 2013
Brightwell launches Ecomix and Ecoshot dosing systems

Ecomix and Ecoshot are the new chemical dosing and dilution systems from Brightwell Dispensers designed to offer versatility and the ability to create ready-to-use chemicals from concentrates in any cleaning environment.

Ecomix is a proportioner that is connected to mains water. It creates a vacuum and dilutes a pre-determined ratio of chemical into a final solution, ready to use. Ecoshot, meanwhile, is a manual dosing system, dosing a specific volume or shot of concentrated chemical into a spray bottle, bucket or sink.

The systems can dispense chemicals from any manufacturer. Other features include precise dosing, choice of chemical inlet, low flow and high flow options, fast installation, easy maintenance and simple operation.


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