3M boasts lower costs for Nomad Aqua

3rd of May 2012
3M boasts lower costs for Nomad Aqua

3M says its new Nomad Aqua Series textile entrance matting can save money in annual cleaning and maintenance costs over its lifetime. By stopping dirt and moisture at the door it aims to reduce the need for cleaning, and for chemicals. And it can last for up to five years.

Unlike traditional deep cut pile and coir matting, which allows dirt and moisture to sit on the surface and be tracked into the building, Nomad Aqua’s dual-fibre loop system simultaneously scrapes off soil and absorbs water from the soles of shoes, trapping it within the mat’s open structure.

Unlike rental matting Nomad Aqua Series does not require regular washing with cleaning chemicals. And there is no need to transport it back and forth to central laundries, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

There is a choice of colours, sizes and grades to fit most décor, or any traffic level. Available as free standing, drop down mats it can also be supplied in rolls to cut and custom-fit any entrance.

For more information visit: www.3M.eu/AquaTextile


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