Water-based solution

18th of May 2011
Water-based solution

Designed for use wherever there is a need for continuous use of cleaning and disinfectant agents is Toucan-Eco, a handheld system that promises active cleaning using ElectroChemical Activation (ECA) technology to produce on demand an activated combined disinfectant and cleaning solution from inputs of ordinary tap water, salt and tiny amounts of electricity.

The system comes ready to use as a set comprising a 550-ml trigger spray and a 1.1-litre jug plus the activating unit. The cleaning solution is produced in two minutes.

Centrego, which developed the product, says there are numerous benefits for cleaning operations. The main inputs of tap water and salt are naturally sustainable and locally available; the generation of the solution is on-site; there are no harmful by-products in production; there are no containers or packaging to dispose of; the costs of the activated solution production are low; and the unit is designed to be used time and again.

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