The BubbleFlush

Imagine a world where chemical-free cleaning is the norm. At Wecoline, we make this dream a reality with the BubbleFlush! The BubbleFlush is the world's first eco-friendly toilet cleaning system that uses only 'The Natural Power of Water'. The patented ultrasonic system produces powerful bubbles to remove limescale and dirt, without the use of daily and periodic cleaners. The result is the minimisation of CO2 emissions when cleaning toilets. 

This innovative system offers ease of use; place the BubbleFlush in the toilet, switch on the system and let the smart software and ultrasonic vibrations do their work. So the cleaning specialist no longer needs to scrub tirelessly. It even cleans at the back of the siphon, where you can't reach with a toilet brush. To clean the entire toilet, the WaterStop has been developed. The WaterStop raises the water level in the toilet, allowing the entire toilet bowl to be cleaned. 

The BubbleFlush offers significant environmental benefits by eliminating the use of chemicals, making it a sustainable choice for the planet. Moreover, cleaning professionals are less exposed to harmful chemicals. The system meets the growing demand for chemical-free cleaning solutions, improves ergonomics for employees and caters to companies pursuing eco-friendly working practices. 

Wecoline is going for a chemical-free future, with 'The Natural Power of Water'! 

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