ToolSense Asset Operations Platform

ToolSense provides an Asset Operations Platform for Facility Management Companies, helping companies such as ISS, JLL, or Compass manage their equipment and maintenance workflows. 

Most Facility Management Companies today use Excel, Paper, or WhatsApp to track their equipment, such as scrubbers, ladders, vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, healthcare equipment, or even vehicles. 

This leads to various challenges, such as not knowing what is in the field and where, when safety inspections are due, higher than necessary machine and maintenance costs, and even long downtime of up to 2 weeks due to manual processes between operator, site manager, procurement, and supplier. 

ToolSense solves this challenge by combining modern, user-friendly software with IoT devices such as Bluetooth tags or machine trackers. This reduces machine cost by up to 20% and downtime from ø2 weeks to 72 hours. 

The ToolSense Asset Operations Platform combines asset tracking, maintenance management, safety inspections, and real-time IoT data to help you manage your equipment, machines, vehicles, and tools. 

With ToolSense, you can...

... manage your assets on one single mobile-friendly platform

... enable your frontline workers to report problems or material requests easily by scanning a QR code

... automate maintenance and safety inspection workflows

... digitize your fleet with IoT hardware and also integrate OEM systems

... manage parts and inventory on site

... plan projects for special-purpose equipment

... manage cars and track routes with IoT

... communicate with suppliers for matters such as problem reporting, moving or scrapping equipment, and even procuring new equipment

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