Obsidian Range

Sustainable washroom solutions from Kennedy Hygiene 

Kennedy Hygiene is an engineering company, committed to developing sustainable products and implementing manufacturing methods that reduce carbon emissions. 

Our latest innovation is the black Obsidian range, made from recycled ABS plastic. The range includes cotton and paper hand dryers; hand washing dispensers; air fresheners; toilet sanitisers, toilet tissue dispensers, and Kennedy's best selling feminine hygiene units.  

We also provide responsibly sourced consumables, including Ecolabel certified soaps, hand drying paper towels, and toilet paper rolls. Our products are packaged using 75% recycled cardboard. 

On average 85% of the plastic used for manufacturing the Obsidian products is recycled ABS. The production of recycled ABS plastic releases 4  times less CO2 than virgin ABS, which is a significant reduction of the dispensers' carbon footprint.  Furthermore, the Obsidian environmental footprint is lower by 30% on major environmental issues: water consumption, fossil energy use, particulate matter and climate change (CO2 footprint). 

With their elegant design and optimal functionality, the Obsidian products are perfect choice for businesses that aim to reduce their carbon footprint and have a premium washroom products. 

Kennedy Hygiene operates under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 - Quality and Environmental Management accreditations. Our products are service-friendly and renowned for quality, cost control and optimal hygiene. 

For more information on our sustainable washroom solutions, visit https://kennedy-hygiene.com




Our Partners

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