Filmop: unveiling the true beauty of glass

Glass cleaning has an unrivalled ally at its side: Clarus-W Prime fixed polypropylene holder is characterised by many grooves that fill with cleaning solution and then gradually release it during glass washing , thus ensuring long-lasting cleaning. The holder combines with the unique window washer range to provide greatly improved performance compared to traditional sponges. The range includes washer heads with short or long yarn and versions with abrasive fibre, ensuring in all cases excellent collection capacity and long washing autonomy.

Filmop offers an indispensable tool for glass drying too: the Gloss-W Superior squeegee window has been designed to ensure maximum efficiency. The rubber blade dries the surface with the first wipe, saving time and costs. High precision is provided by the perfectly linear cut made with advanced technology, resulting in a surface free of imperfections. Besides, the handgrip design allows uniform pressure to be exerted over the entire length of the blade, resulting in complete and residue-free drying. Lastly, the non-slip rubber coating ensures a secure grip.

Filmop window squeegee and fixed holder can be used manually or in combination with handles and poles thanks to Uni-Connect: the unique system allows you to get everywhere by connecting instantly and safely the entire range of professional cleaning equipment, keeping them in place during operations and thus preventing dangerous disengagement. Thanks to Uni-Connect, you can quickly switch from one tool to another easily cleaning any surface, even the highest or hard-to-reach one.



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