Whatever Your Cleaning Needs, TASKI ULTIMAXX Delivers A Specific Solution For You

TASKI ULTIMAXX lasts longer, works harder, adapting to your facility's cleaning and sustainability needs.

10,000 permutations: whatever your cleaning challenges, there's a TASKI ULTIMAXX to tackle the dirt and debris, delivering the ULTIMATE clean.

Take the TASKI ULTIMAXX brush deck suite for example:

Single Disc is a cleaning standard, but results are anything but basic. Detailed construction means improved strength, while optimal water spread means more sustainable cleaning.

Dual Disc enhances the single disc advanced clean by incorporating another disc. Equally fast and powerful, the offset disc reaches deep into wall edge cleaning and other tricky nooks.

Orbital intensifies cleaning, but Swiss ergonomic-expert developments ensure that while the clean goes deeper, an operator isn't fatigued by the more intense clean.

Dual Cylinder provides encompassing, comprehensive cleaning. Twin rollers gather dirt and debris into the onboard hopper. No more sweep, scrub, clean, just single pass ULTIMATE clean.

TASKI ULTIMAXX sustainability and cost in use are further improved by TASKI TWISTER diamond pads and Diversey TASKI Jontec Floor Cleaner.

Combining physical innovation with TASKI Intelligent Technology brings ULTIMATE cleaning every facility.

IntelliTrail - Intelligent, insightful, fleet tracking and management
IntelliPredict - Proactive maintenance eliminates downtime
IntelliZone - Consistent, efficient cleaning for operators
IntelliScrub - Adaptable pressure manages energy and resource use
IntelliTouch - Intuitive, informative machine interface
IntelliDose - Sustainable, cost-effective chemical dosing

Swiss at heart, ULTIMATE in nature, TASKI ULTIMAXX adapts to you, your facility and your operators.




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