So much more than just a cleaning trolley: New Flexomate platform from Kärcher

Efficient, ergonomic, sophisticated:

The ideal companion for your cleaning team 

Winnenden, May 2022 - Cleaning services are influenced by pressures on costs, time and quality across all sectors - so every detail counts in technology and equipment. The new Flexomate cleaning trolley platform from Kärcher is based on a modular concept, creating a high level of investment reliability across the whole lifecycle. Users benefit from the cleaning trolley's process-oriented design, as well as its ergonomic overall concept.

Increasing productivity and process efficiency are central themes in the cleaning sector, since this is how costs and working time can be reduced without compromising on quality. This is precisely the aim of Kärcher's new cleaning trolley platform. For example, it creates flexibility to carry modules for different cleaning tasks and to add or remove them on the go. Thus, cleaners may be moving around a building with a large trolley, and can dock the small element required and take it with them for work in small, restricted spaces.

What's more, the system is accessible from all sides and more than five machines, such as vacuums, can easily be carried. This cuts out unnecessary journeys, reducing cleaning time by up to 15 per cent. The right machines are available for every cleaning task, which improves quality with considerably less physical strain.

Kärcher also considers ergonomics for its cleaning trolleys. The elements provide height-adjustable handles and tip boxes, which facilitate ergonomic working. Adjusting for natural body posture prevents long-term problems for the user, meaning downtimes are reduced to a minimum. All surfaces of the trolley are easy to clean. There is a collecting tray for liquids in the base plate. Since it is a closed system, dirt ingress is generally prevented, which facilitates hygienic working.

In 2021, Flexomate had already won the Red Dot Design Award and the Green Good Design Award. The latter is presented to product design concepts that are particularly sustainable and conserve resources: Recycled plastic is used for the bucket (6, 12 and 15 l volumes), the tray and drawers (8, 16 and 31 l volumes).


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