Skilled workers are in short supply in the building cleaning sector,

labour turnover in the industry is high and, parallel to this, cleaning tasks are becoming increasingly complex. Our answer to these challenges is: Kärcher Intelligent Robotic Application or "KIRA" for short - the cleaning robots from Kärcher.

KIRA represents a new product category with a constantly growing number of professional
cleaning robots that can relieve cleaning staff of monotonous and time-consuming tasks,
such as floor cleaning, leaving them to carry out more complex tasks in parallel.

From large areas to confined and even cluttered spaces. Depending on the design and
application, our cleaning robots are extremely versatile.

Our cleaning robots navigate easily and safely in spacious or complex environments, reliably
detecting people and physical obstacles. The machines' ability to meet the high technical
requirements of intelligent and completely safe navigation at all times is demonstrated by the
safety certificates showing that they function in accordance with IEC 63327[SM1] for safe
operation even in public areas.

For documentation purposes, detailed cleaning reports, notifications and the current
machine status can be viewed at any time and from any location in the corresponding web
portal or via the KIRA Robots app from Kärcher. For security reasons, all data is encrypted
and strictly protected against unauthorised external access. On request, authorised persons
can also receive notifications straight to their phone. In all cases, we guarantee responsible
and purposeful handling of sensitive data and, of course, GDPR compliance.

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Our Partners

  • ISSA Interclean
  • EFCI
  • EU-nited