Battery technology for building cleaning


The skills shortage is placing the cleaning industry under pressure. At the same time, the work should be performed as cost-efficiently and environment-friendly as possible. One way to tackle these challenges is by using modern cleaning machines with battery technology, which are perfect for maintenance cleaning in different facilities. Battery-powered machines are particularly easy to handle and simplify the cleaning processes for the user, saving up to 25% working time. 

The battery-powered backpack vacuum BVL 5/1 Bp from Kärcher has a very low weight, high suction power, and a long runtime. Kärcher uses expanded polypropylene (EPP) for the BVL 5/1 Bp. This material is robust, made of 96% air and is therefore extremely light. It is sound-absorbing and fully recyclable.

The battery-powered upright brush-type vacuum cleaner CV 30/2 Bp is ideal for the deep and effortless cleaning of carpets and hard floors. It impresses with its automatic floor detection, self-cleaning function, which makes the manual cleaning of the roller brush superfluous, as well as the flat design, which allows the machine to manoeuvre under furniture.

With the CVS 65/1 carpet vacuum sweeper, Kärcher focuses on high cleaning performance and simple operation. It is the only model on the market to use a lithium-ion battery. As a result, the CVS 65/1 is exceptionally light and quiet, resulting in good manoeuvrability and a reduced noise level.

All three products are part of the Kärcher Battery Universe and powered by the 36V battery.



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