LS100: A new era for on-premise laundry dosing

Never before has SEKO brought the power of venturi-based dosing to laundry - until now.

Introducing LS100, SEKO's latest laundry system which includes a unique feature - the unit uses water pressure to control chemical dosing. That means no moving parts, less wear and hundreds of thousands of doses before users even need to think about cartridge replacement. That's the power of venturi.

Meanwhile, this single system doses up to 10 chemicals in as many as four washers, making it perfect for on-premise laundries of every size. It's modular, too, so operators can easily add additional units as their laundries grow.

That's not all. As well as an intuitive touchscreen display and ergonomic formula selector, LS100 can be operated via SEKO's dedicated SekoBlue app, which uses Bluetooth connectivity for remote dosing management and data on demand even when there's no Wi-Fi.

That's as well as compatibility with SekoWeb, SEKO's internet-based app and online platform that links users to their LS100 system 24/7 from any Wi-Fi-connected location worldwide. With live and historical wash data at their fingertips, users can gain an accurate picture of chemical consumption and even analyse information in terms of cost per load for unrivalled insight into their application.

SEKO has done high-precision, ultra-consistent laundry dosing before, but never like this. Experience a new era for on-premise laundry dosing with LS100:

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