The challenges for 2012

23rd of February 2012 Article by Pedro Chidichimo

Pedro Chidichimo, president of the institutional and laundry business unit of Sealed Air (known as Diversey before it was acquired last year), starts his blog for ECJ with a look ahead to the challenges ahead for the industy this year.

Times of change often spark periods of growth, and 2012 is certainly a year for change - for individuals and for businesses alike. Assessing the challenges and opportunities ahead of us has reaffirmed my belief that working on our industry's essential strengths is a guarantee for our collective success. Let me suggest a few strategic areas of focus for 2012.

1. Partner with your customers to create Value
2012 will be a year to differentiate from low cost competition through Value creation for your customers being the best at Problem solving and Solutions delivery. Do create Value trough innovative products and solutions delivering Operational efficiency and lower total costs to your customers. Or you will lose them.

2. Operational efficiency at home
This is a call for our industry to start adopting new tools. Manage your systems, procurement and people with discipline. And outsource everything that is not core to your business. The benefits at stake are there to be grasped and the bigger the size of your business, the bigger the potential rewards.

3. Sustainability is your passion
Businesses around the world are recognizing sustainability as a competitive advantage and are doubling efforts in establishing sustainability strategies and practices.

Rather than taking social responsibility and environmental protection as two disparate facets of a strategy, we must understand Sustainability as a way to improve our customers' profits through reduced operational costs associated with energy and water conservation, waste reduction, regulatory and legal compliance, positive labor relations, and a healthy and safe workforce. Helping your customers seize the benefits of a sustainability focus must be central to your strategy.

4. Manage Corporate Risk
Focus on Labor Safety as a way to reduce your overall employee turnover, increase talent retention and development. Collaborate with your customers on site, ensuring compliance with regulations and your own internal safety procedures. There is nothing more risky than doing things the same old way.

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