Window cleaner saves defaced Banksy

5th of February 2018
Window cleaner saves defaced Banksy

A UK window cleaner sprang into action on discovering that a new mural painted locally by street artist Banksy had been defaced.

Jason Fanthorpe, 46, was preparing for bed in Hull when he saw the item on the news. So he headed straight for the disused bridge armed with ladders and cleaning products.

The artwork - which appeared in January - had been whitewashed over by an unknown perpertrator. Fanthorpe initially tried to remove the white paint with water alone, but this proved to be ineffective.

"I then tried white spirit and that brought the paint off," he said. "It was magic seeing the art appear from underneath."

The mural depicts a child holding a wooden sword with a pencil attached to the end and the words: "Draw the raised bridge!" painted above. It is unclear what inspired the work from the elusive artist.

Fanthorpe said he was "extremely proud" that Banksy had chosen Hull's Scott Street bridge for his latest artwork. He was also modest about his part in saving it. "I just thought I'd go to help because the paint might be still wet," he said. "There were already people there wanting to do something, but I had the ladders.

"That art was gifted to the city - it was drawing crowds in from all over. Love it or hate it, there's no need to deface it."

Hull City Council sent staff on site to apply a protective layer to the artwork to prevent further damage. "This temporary measure will help to ensure that the public can continue to enjoy the work and prevent, where possible, further damage," said a council spokesperson.


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