Vermop gets ready for phase two of System One

16th of May 2018
Vermop gets ready for phase two of System One

Designed to allow operatives to react swiftly to cleaning emergencies is Vermop's System One.

The Google-based system uses a 3D scanner to map out buildings and then convert this information into work plans. It operates via a digital component to Vermop's new Equipe D cleaning trolley.

"Sensors in the trolley are able to communicate with each department," said Vermop's area sales manager Jan Voerman. "When in use in a hospital or hotel it can alert staff where more linen is required, for example.

"System One also allows companies to be more flexible. It enables a hotel manager to alert a member of staff and say: "You're the cleaner closest to the spill - could you please attend to it/'."

The collected data is stored in the Cloud and becomes automatically available to the customer via a personal access code on Vermop's web portal. The aim is to provide an overview of cleaning to support the customer's organisation and planning.

However, the system will be further developed in future, says Voerman. "The next stage involves us sitting down with the customer," he said. "You may be able to scan a space but it is the client who needs to tell us whether we are dealing with a carpet or a wooden floor.

"The system is not plug and play. We will need to discover the next stage with the client."



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