Smart fragrancing in public spaces is just around the corner

16th of May 2018
Smart fragrancing in public spaces is just around the corner

Creating a pleasant smell from a distance will soon be possible thanks to a new product from SMW.

The company is currently putting the finishing touches to a professional version of its smartphone app-controllable fragrancing system.

The CleverScent Smart Scenting Diffuser uses a nebuliser to break down the liquid into fine particles. It is designed for use in offices, meeting rooms and reception areas.

"The smartphone app is currently in use in domestic situations, mostly by people who like technology," said SMW director Jean-Paul Janin.

"But we are currently adapting it for the professional market and are finalising the programme for our larger nebuliser machine. It will then be available for use for facilities managers who will be able to remotely manage the fragrancing in their buildings."

The professional version of the Cleverscent nebuliser will be capable of fragrancing areas of between 500 to 600 cubic metres, said Janin. "The user can adjust the intensity and the number of cycles via their smartphone, and pictograms will be employed to make it easier for everyone to understand it," he said.

SMW offers a range of patented diffusion technologies and programmable scent delivery machines. For use in smaller areas SMW also offers the new W200 fragrance diffuser which comes in a battery-powered version, a rechargeable lithium battery option and a plug-in model.



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