Pressure washing is cleaning up on YouTube

8th of June 2018
Pressure washing is cleaning up on YouTube

Richard Van Remmen, a tax preparation official from South Carolina in the USA, has unexpectedly become a superstar in the world of online cleaning footage with his YouTube videos of high pressure cleaning.

He posted his first film six years ago - an old friend hosing down his drive - and noticed the number of views soared. "Apparently people were hypnotised by how dirty the driveway looked before and how clean it was looking after getting blasted with 4500psi water," he told The Times.

Van Remmen bought his own high pressure cleaner in 2016 and hesn't looked back since. In fact one of his films, Pressure Washing a Filthy Lawn Chair, has been watched more than a million times since May of last year.

Viewers say that they find it soothing to watch pressure washers erase dirt from filthy pavements, roofs, cars and driveways.

Now Van Remmen is looking for new projects to tackle. "There’s only so much I can pressure wash around my house, then I run out of stuff," he said. Last winter he deliberately left his white lawn chairs outside again so that they could accumulate as much mould, algae, and dirt as possible.


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