Poor washroom odour damages business reputation, says study

10th of April 2018
Poor washroom odour damages business reputation, says study

Bad washroom odours can negatively impact on business reputation and repeat custom. Those are the key findings of a study on the state of air care in public and office washrooms, and the wide-ranging implications this can have on businesses.

The global report by Initial Washroom Hygiene was titled ‘Washroom malodour: Experiences, perceptions and implications for businesses' and was based on 5,000 respondents.

More than six in 10 would be put off a business if it had unpleasant-smelling bathrooms and almost a quarter have been embarrassed about a client or visitor using their bathrooms due to the smell. Comparing retail environments to office space, 25 per cent of those surveyed reported that cafes, bars and restaurants have cleaner washrooms than their place of work.

Malodour is strongly associated with bad cleanliness, poor hygiene and bacteria. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this leads to emotive responses, including opting to leave or not return to an establishment, complaining to the owner or manager or posting a bad review online.

Dr Peter Barratt of Initial Washroom Hygiene commented: "Our report highlights the significant impact unpleasant smelling washrooms can have on perceptions of a particular brand - it makes business sense to pay attention to what consumers are saying. While some businesses are still unaware of advances in air care methods, the necessity for effective washroom odour control is easy for businesses to understand."


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