New research reveals Coronavirus washroom fears are holding Brits back

8th of September 2020
New research reveals Coronavirus washroom fears are holding Brits back

Concerns about catching COVID-19 in the toilets is putting people off returning to pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants, according to a new UK poll.

Worries about washroom cleanliness have deterred 52 per cent of people from visiting hospitality venues since these have reopened, while 51 per cent fear they could catch the coronavirus from a business or public washroom.

The survey, by Initial Washroom Hygiene, polled 2,013 people of whom 35 per cent felt pubs, bars and cafes had implemented insufficient hygiene measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. In fact, half of those who had returned to hospitality venues claimed their enjoyment of these places had been impacted by concerns about the availability and cleanliness of washrooms.

A general reluctance to use the toilets was noted with 48 per cent claiming they were more likely to wait until they could use a private washroom than visit a public facility. And 22 per cent said they had been forced to urinate in a public space because facilities had been closed or because they felt them to be unsafe to use.

"It's clear that washroom anxiety is affecting people's confidence and experiences when visiting hospitality businesses post-lockdown," said Initial Washroom Hygiene's technical and innovation manager Jamie Woodhall. "But there are some easy steps that businesses can take to eliminate the fear around using washrooms."

Initial is encouraging businesses to advertise the cleanliness of their facilities; inform customers of the steps they are taking to reduce contamination risks; install no-touch soap dispensers; reduce the number of shared touchpoints and ensure that hand sanitisers are always available.


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