New cleaning measures could cost US hotel industry $9 billion a year

19th of June 2020
New cleaning measures could cost US hotel industry $9 billion a year

New cleaning protocols related to Covid-19 could cost the US hotel industry up to $9 billion annually, according to a report.

Issued by Hotel Asset Value Enhancement, the report puts the increase down to the need for enhanced cleaning of rooms and public spaces along with extra supply costs incurred on reopening.

The asset management company's Post Script report estimates that the cleaning of public spaces will require up to 50 per cent more labour, while the average housekeeper will take an additional 507 minutes to clean guest rooms to new standards.

High-touch, non-porous surfaces such as door knobs, light switches and remote controls will require extra attention, according to the report. And the laundering process will change, with a possible new requirement to spray soft goods such as towels and bedding with electrostatic equipment.

A 30 per cent rise in supply costs is also predicted due to the need for increased cleaning frequency and the use of more powerful cleaning products. And around $3.00 per occupied room will need to be spent on in-room personal sanitisers and on PPE required for cleaners.

Hotels are expected to incur reopening costs of around $30,000 for items such as hand sanitiser stations, plexiglass barriers, new signage and floor markers.

The report notes that hotels will need to adapt to changing consumer expectations and behaviour. Face-to-face interactions with staff are likely to become less frequent and there will be a greater reliance on technology, with changes to include the use of mobile check-in and a reduction in the use of bell-hops.


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