Mobile app reviews toilets

6th of April 2018
Mobile app reviews toilets

LOOrank, a free mobile app that allows users to rate and review more than 100 million toilets all over the world, has launched on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Its creators - Philippe Braekman,  Martin Leyshon and Ben van Zutphen - were often frustrated and angry at the number of poor and unhygienic toilets and washrooms they encountered while in restaurants, hotels, airports, companies, shopping centres and other public places.

The app has a simple user interface that allows users to rate, review and share photos. Users can search for and rate washrooms using geo-location, leave ratings from zero to five, content reviews, share one of more photos, and edit and delete ratings.

Users also have a status in the app based on how many ratings and reviews they have provided. The idea is to provide constructive criticism or praise,  which will allow the owners of these facilities to be held accountable.

The website was launched before the app and already has hundreds or reviews available.


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